Welcome to albumheads


People just like you who love to discover new and old album track which are seldom if ever heard on mainstream radio - we are all “Albumheads”.

This is an invitation to not only join us, but to join in with us on an exciting new adventure. Although still a ‘new-born’, hopefully there will be many tracks from various genres and decades that you will find compelling companions.

There is a live 3 hour show every Monday evening from 20:00 - 23:00 BST and once things settle down, the opportunity to listen to pre-recorded programmes from our server. Just LISTEN

The future is exciting - the future is Albumheads (lots of us).

Andy Miles

The next Live programme will be on Monday October 23rd with Andy Miles and Gil Legine.

Contact via emailhttp://

The future is exciting.
The future is Albumheads (lots of us).

who are albumheads?

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