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Live programmes were the primary inspiration for the inception for Albumheads. 

Andy Miles

“The interaction with listeners during the live shows is mutually beneficial and I find it very inspirational. 

The comments and suggestion from listeners has proven to steer the music in a different direction on may occasions, we just bring it all together.”

Andy Miles is in pursuit of new artists who are not yet mainstream, the rockier - the better. Blues also feature heavily in programmes. Andy first broadcast recorded shows in the early 90s for Radio Caroline on their only outlet at that time - satellite, and later live at Radio6 in Calais. Andy was also at the birth of The Album Zone with Johnny Reece, Andy Brooks and Gil LeGine.

He welcomed the arrival of the new era of high definition digital recordings now made available through the likes of HighResAudio.com, HDtracks.co.uk etc. although the improvement over CD is subjective. Audition first whenever possible! A lack of definition is often just poor mastering. The demand for HD consumer audio has given the recording industry a much needed kicking.

Gil Legine

Although a musician by trade, Gil is also an accomplished and well respected radio presenter. Having worked for Radio Caroline, Radio Stad in Harlingen, Radio 6 Calais, K.U.R. (Københavns Universitets Radioen) AKA Copenhagen University Radio and also The Album Zone, Gil has presented a variety of musical genres and so being termed ‘a seasoned presenter’ is no exaggeration. His background qualifies his critique and no mistake.

Tony de Windsor

Tony is a music loving drummer and guitar ‘twanger’ who hails from the Royal County. He got into music in the early sixties and played drums in a few bands in the late 60s/early 70s before choosing a career in electronics.

Musical tastes include anything by the Beatles, Blues, Rock, Soul, Opera, Classical and Ibiza Dance Mix (yes really.) The first gig for Tony was to see Cream at the Ricky Tick Club in Windsor Jan ’67, and recently Robert Cray at G-Live Guildford May 2017. Memorable gigs – Level 42 at ‘Ammersmith Dec 90 and Bruce Springsteen at Wembley June 2013 – hopefully more to come. 

Tony’s DJ heroes include Kenney Everett, Peter Young, Tony Blackburn (yes really) and the late great John Peel.

Mike O

Mike originates from Finland and has travelled to and lived in many countries in connection with his work and for pleasure. Mike plays guitar and has an extensive recorded music collection on both vinyl and CD.

Although Mike is not an established radio presenter, he has an extensive knowledge of various genres and has a keen nose for new talented acts. Mike is a welcome addition to Albumheads.

As with all the Albumhead presenters, Mike is very much a live concert goer and helps to further Albumheads entertainment variety.