It’s All About The Music !

Are you an ALBUMHEAD?

Do you love to hear the top contemporary hit songs over and over? YES, then this is NOT for you.

But if you do like to discover new and old album track which are seldom if ever heard on mainstream radio, interspersed with a few of your favourite album tracks, then you may just be an “Albumhead”.

This is an invitation to not only join us, but to join in with us during the 3 hour LIVE programmes on Mondays. Packed with tracks from various genres and decades, we hope you will find this compelling listening. We aim to scratch below the surface to satisfy the itch for something different and engaging.

The next ‘Monday Live’ programme will be on October 18th from 19:00 BST with Mike O & Andy Miles. The Monday Live programme is then repeated once at 23:00 BST on the same day for our USA listeners and also for the more discerning insomniacs.

5 hours of new programmes each week from our own dedicated server. Audio quality is paramount to enjoying the content of our shows. In this digital age there is no longer background noise to be overcome which is why we apply ‘levelling’ not ‘compression’. Therefore we make no apology for streaming at 192kb/s. Please play through your best audio system or use earbuds, it will be worth it.

Our live 3 hour show is every Monday evening from 19:00 - 22:00 BST and afterwards listen to archive programmes from our server 24/7. Just LISTEN or paste this link into your favourite player or listen via the Radio Garden app.

The future is exciting - the future is Albumheads (lots of us).

The Albumheads server provides access to the 3 hour Live Show on Mondays from 19:00 UK time, and then reverts to playing archive  shows on an 18 hour looping basis. The details of these shows are as follows:

From 22:00 BST on Monday October 11th 2021


Paul Brown March 2017

Albumheads Live 7 June 2021 Gil Legine & Andy Miles


Albumheads Live 30 August 2021 Tony Kirk


Albumheads Live 17 May 2021 Mike O & Andy Miles


Albumheads Live 20 July 2020 Tony de Windsor & Andy Miles