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Gil Legine

“Hi. I am really musician by trade, and also an accomplished radio presenter having worked for Radio Caroline, Radio Stad in Harlingen, Radio 6 Calais, K.U.R. (Københavns Universitets Radioen) AKA Copenhagen University Radio. 

I have presented a variety of musical genres and so having been termed ‘a seasoned presenter’ is about right. I also provides training for drummers and I have now produced 2 albums. Take a look at my Bandcamp entry

Gil’s New Album (all his own work)

...nestling in green nowhere..., by THE NØiiGE

Now available from Apple Music

Gil’s ‘Dog House’ studio

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Press release – EP debut ” Halvvejs” from Danish singer/songwriter Jo Dietrich

”Halvvejs” is released on March 24th 2023 and is digitally available on all streaming platforms.

Mood swings are not just for teenagers – in the middle of life you can also be half way lost one day and be back on track the next...which is what the Copenhagen-based singer/songwriter Jo Dietrich’s debut EP ”Halvvejs” (Half Way) is about.

”Halvvejs” is Jo’s mid-life story of her experience of having found a new peace and sense of who she is and want to spend the rest of her life doing. She feels a peculiar sense of everything being known and still strange at the same time, and that you can be lost one day and back on track the next.

She compares it to the mood swings of her teenage children –and points out that you shouldn’t listen but go for the inner voice to give you the direction for your life.

Jo writes songs from her own life based on what she believes is relevant to others – stuff that can inspire and make others recognize themselves. She wishes to connect to others via themes that capture her attention – the course of life and different life phases, being a parent, modern society, spirituality, relationships, and friendship.

Jo seeks to create varied live music that she believes is the most accurate reflection of her lyrics and the messages she wishes to communicate. The style and sound of her voice resonates her age and the time between the 1980’s un till now, and she is proud to be ”old school “: She describes herself as ”new-old” and draws on traditional music styles and a simple live sound spiced up with contemporary lyrics.

Similar artist: Danish Anne Linnet, Signe Svendsen, Alberte, Trille or international Susanne Vega.

Distributed from Gateway Music:-


Jo’s single & video can be found here: www.jodietrich.dk