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Andy Miles

“I am always in pursuit of new artists who are not yet mainstream, the rockier - the better. Blues also feature heavily in my programmes. Suggestions from listeners help to enrich Albumheads content. I first broadcast recorded shows in the early 90s for Radio Caroline on their only outlet at that time - satellite, and later live from the Radio6 studios in Calais. Mine was the first voice to be heard from a licensed Radio Caroline on 101.8Mhz FM from the Dover Restricted Service Licence during April 1992.

I welcomed the arrival of the new era of high definition digital recordings now made available through the likes of HighResAudio.com, HDtracks.co.uk etc. although the improvement over CD is subjective. Audition first whenever possible! A lack of definition is often just poor mastering. The demand for HD consumer audio has given the recording and download retail industries a much needed kicking.

However, I do have great appreciation for LPs which in so many cases out perform their digital counterparts for sheer detail.

If you enjoy seeing musicians play live, The Hamsters often feature in my Albumheads programmes. They were one of the most entertaining acts EVER. Take a look at a short interview with lead man ’Slim’ 

I often ‘Anchor’ during the weekly 3 hour ‘Monday Live’ shows which begin at 7pm UK time. I do still enjoys concert going but no longer to festivals.”

In Calias

Find me on Cinque Ports Radio on line each Tuesday and Wednesday at 8pm UK time. Also on 95.1 and 100.2 FM

Currently These Are My Favoured Albums

TT Transmission - Normal service will be resumed

Formed in 1977, TT Transmission originally hailed from the Aldershot and Fleet area became a popular Prog Rock band playing mostly university and college gigs in the south-east but notably Ronnie Scott’s and The Marquee.  

Their style was heavily Influenced by bands of the era like Gong, Camel, Colosseum II, Genesis but all original material with a balance of vocal and instrumental pieces. 

On 12th October 2024, some 47 years later the band have reunited to play a special gig at The West End Centre in Aldershot.  A venue close to their hearts as three of them went to school there is the 60’s! 

The original line up of Mark Terry on guitar and vocals, Stuart Manson on keyboards, Paul Bennett on Bass and Richard Houghton on drums will be playing their original set including Man From Down Under, The Goblin Party and Leaving You In The Lurch from their early recordings. 

Whilst no longer local to the area, the band kept in touch whilst pursuing their individual careers and over the last couple of years have had several rehearsals sessions in the mountains of North Wales.  They have also been busy re-recording material for a forthcoming release. 

Come along and revisit a prog rock night from the seventies.