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Chris Mitchell

“I was born in London in 1968. When 10 years old, I developed a fascination with radio and purchasing a Russian Selena Vega receiver enabling me to listen to stations around the globe.

With the early 1980s heralding a renaissance of offshore radio with the relaunch of Radio Caroline from the Ross Revenge in 1983 and Laser 558 from the MV Communicator in 1984, I did spent much of my time avidly listening to these (having missed out on the halcyon days of the 60’s!) and other land based free radio stations, informing my musical influences along the way.

Bitten by the broadcasting bug, I finally got the chance to join Laser, a land based station in 1993 (no relation to the offshore project) and went on to work for several other broadcasters including the now defunct Rhythm 365, founded by former BBC presenter Tony Williams.

R365 was one of the first online stations set up in London in 2002 and took advantage of the technology available, incorporating a chat room within the site enabling listeners and presenters to directly interact with each other in real time.

From 2012 I presented a weekly show for several years on the newly licensed community station ‘Susy Radio’ covering the Redhill and Reigate areas of the UK.

My musical tastes are wide and varied however I have had much influence during my teenage years by sea fairing Radio Caroline’s output before it fully transitioned from an album to a singles based format. That was prior to the collapse of the ship’s iconic 300ft antenna in late 1987.”

Chris can be heard on Monday Live from Albumheads on the 2nd Monday of each month.

Chris is the most recent addition to the list of Albumheads presenters and is most welcome. - Andy Miles