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Albumheads presenters are equipped to continue to participate in Monday Live every week during this restricted movement period.

We wish all our listeners resilience to the COVID-19 virus - stay well.

Monday Live - Programme Dates

Updated 11th January 2021

Monday Live presentation for the coming weeks will be Andy Miles anchoring, with:-

January 18th - Mike O

January 25th - Tony Kirk

February 1st - Gil Legine

February 8th - Tony de Windsor

February 15th - Mike O

February 22nd - Tony Kirk

If you have issues staying connected to the server stream (buffering etc.), please let me know with some details of what you use, i.e. device type and operating system by email. I will try to address the problems. Thanks.

If you listen to Albumheads using TuneIn app and see the Album Zone logo, we apologise but the TuneIn account was not set up by us and changing this is beyond our control. The TuneIn service may cease at any time. Please use the links on the home page for a direct connection to our server at any time.

Monday Live is hosted by Andy Miles and co-hosted by either Gil Legine / Mike O / Tony de Windsor or Tony Kirk. The live show features “Stage Struck” (recordings from live performances), Story Time, Reggae Corner and DiscoNnection.

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