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‘Monday Live’ - Programme Dates

Monday Live is at 7pm GMT. Presentation for the coming weeks will be :-

                    Andy Miles anchoring (unless solo) with:-

                    27 March -  Mike O (solo)

                    3 April - Gil Legine

                    10 April - T.B.D.

                    17 April - Mike O (solo)

                    24 April - Tony de Windsor

                    1 May - Gil Legine

                    8 May - Chris Mitchell

                    15 May - Mike O (solo)

                    22 May - Tony de Windsor

                    29 May - Tony Kirk

Currently, Monday Live is a live presentation show which include feature spots at the following UK times:

7:20pm “Stage Struck” (2 recordings from live performances)

8:00pm “Back-Track” (2 instrumental tracks)

8:40pm “Reggae Corner” ( 2 tracks of Jamaican music)

9:20pm “DiscoNection” (2 discotheque tracks from 1970s - mid 1980s)

Albumheads is also available on internet radios and some ’Smart Speakers’ 

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New album “No Half Measures” due for release in early 2023