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Albumheads is now available via getmeradio app for IOS, Android, Firestick, Roku TV, Apple TV, Google Home Action, and it is also available on radiogarden 

These players do provide additional information about the current playout from the Albumheads server.

‘Monday Live’ - Programme Dates

Monday Live 7pm UK time, presentation for the coming weeks will be :-

                    Andy Miles anchoring (unless solo) with:-

                     3  October - Gil Legine

                   10  October- Tony de Windsor

                    17 October - Mike O (solo)

                    24 October - Chris Mitchell

                    31 October - Tony Kirk (solo)

                     7  November - Gil Legine

                   14  November- Chris Mitchell

                    21 November - Mike O (solo)

                    28 November - Tony de Windsor

Currently, Monday Live is a live show which include feature spots at the following UK times:

7:20pm “Stage Struck” (2 recordings from live performances)

8:00pm “The Story Lady”

8:40pm “Reggae Corner” ( 2 tracks of Jamaican music)

9:20pm “DiscoNection”. (2 disco tracks from the 1970s - mid 1980s)

Albumheads is also available on internet radios and some ’Smart Speakers’ (Most smart speakers provide only mono listening). B&O Beosound and Apple’s Home Pod and HomePod mini being the exception but you would need to use them in pairs!

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